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When injustice becomes law,
resistance becomes duty


Directed by
Michał Bolland

Poland experienced a homophobic tsunami in 2020. LGBT+ persons who had been pronounced the enemy by the ruling party, became the target of an intense witch-hunt stimulated by the authorities with strong support from the Catholic Church and public media. The breakthrough came on August the 7th - the day when the LGBT+ community said enough was enough, demonstrating on the streets of Warsaw in defence of one of them, an activist called Margot. On that day the power of rainbow solidarity clashed with brutality and aggression of the Police. Widely publicised ostentatious detentions were conducted, with 48 demonstrators ending up detained in arrest. Amongst them the subjects of Michał Bolland’s moving documentary - Kajetan, Kamila, Krem, and Julia together with her partner Kalina. Their stories allow us to understand and realize the price the nonheteronormative community is made to pay for the homophobia and transphobia of the authorities. It also shows the current situation of the LGBT+ rights movement in Poland. August the 7th might go down in history. Has it really awaken the queer rage in Poland? Hear the stories of those who were there.